NOSH - Nutrition, Outreach, Support and Health


Open Family Australia, in partnership with Goodman Fielder, has established a mobile food service called NOSH (Nutrition, Outreach, Support and Health), which provides nutritious meals and health promotion to at-risk and homeless youth.

This outreach service aims to engage with young people in a non-judgemental and compassionate manner, and provides support for members of society who may have nowhere else to turn.

NOSH further aims to connect young people to services which can help them re-engage back into a supportive environment and a healthy community. This could include but is not limited to crisis support and services such as housing, health care, drug and alcohol programs, family counselling, legal services, re-engagement back into school, and work opportunities.

Young people in Sydney and Melbourne’s Western regions are in a high risk category of low food security, i.e. that they do not have enough food to eat each week.  Food insecurity is associated with poor health and insidiously exacerbates other health inequalities.

Where are the NOSH vans located?

We currently have NOSH vans servicing Sydney West, and the Wyndham region in Melbourne.

NOSH provides:

  • Healthy meal options
  • Food packs for young people
  • Nutritional, health and wellbeing information for young people
  • Links for young people to other services




The NOSH Program is proudly supported by Goodman Fielder.





Contact Us

Open Family Australia
155 Roden Street
West Melbourne VIC 3003
T. 1300 669 600

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