Mobile Youth Outreach


Mobile Youth Outreach provides direct outreach support and services to young people frequenting the streets. The program is staffed entirely by volunteers via a bus service which frequents 'hot spots' during the night where socially disenfranchised, at-risk and homeless young people congregate. The service is nicknamed Chatterbox and is conducted in Melbourne and Sydney.

The Chatterbox provides a focal point for street frequenting youth which is mobile and able to go to where young people are, providing high quality services including the distribution of material aid such as food and drinks, clothing and blankets, as well as providing referrals to service providers, counselling and supplying health and welfare information. In addition, each service has wireless internet facilities and computers. Outreach workers are available to link in with the volunteers to ensure a responsive service when clients need ongoing intensive support.

In addition to the above programs, in Sydney CBD we run an extremely successful CBD Outreach Program, where our Senior Outreach Worker is a familiar face within many areas of the CBD (particularly where young people are sleeping rough, or engaging in illicit behaviours). Through this regular and reliable presence, we engage vulnerable young people, provides them with casual and/or ongoing, intensive support to link them with services and reconnect them with their community. This can involve connecting them with emergency housing, Centrelink, health, drug and alcohol programs, family counselling, legal services, re-engagement back into school, providing material aid, and assisting young people to find suitable work through our Employment Programs at Whitelion.


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