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At-risk-young-people-in-WyndhamOpen Family Australia's Community Ownership Model in the City of Wyndham continues to grow from strength to strength, helping to assist young people in the area and achieving some fantastic results over the last 12 months.

The Consultative Committee has continued to meet bimonthly and includes local service providers, business, police, local government and Open Family Australia staff.  A monthly program report is provided to the Consultative Committee by the youth workers who are also present to answer any questions that the Committee have.  The reports identified major activities and further opportunities to work with young people in the City of Wyndham.

A major issue identified by the reports has been the lack of a Homeless Refuge for young people in the City and the necessity to relocate them out of the area.  This has led to concerns of the effect of dislocation for young people from their environment, and the amount of staff resources that are required in transporting young people in and out of the area.  The City of Wyndham staff will use this data in future submissions regarding homelessness in the area.

After feedback was submitted in relation to issues around alcohol and other drugs, and supported by evidence from the City of Wyndham community consultations, Open Family Australia submitted an application to the Department of Health and Ageing for two youth specific Alcohol and Other Drug workers to focus on a prevention and education program.  We were informed in June 2008 that our submission was successful and the workers will be recruited to work with the Community Ownership team at the Youth Resource Centre in Hoppers Crossing.

Our workers took the City of Wyndham Mayor out with them one evening to see first hand the work they do.  Her feedback was very positive and supportive to the program, and this opportunity will be offered to all the funders of the program.  The support of local business, local government and state government has enabled the program to achieve it’s goal of reaching young people who are vulnerable and at risk, and we greatly appreciate their ongoing support in funding the program.

To become a partner of the Wyndham Community Ownership Model, please contact 1300 669 600.

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