Aims of the Community Ownership Model

The Community Ownership Model aims to:

  • Establish a rapport with at-risk young people aged 12-25 years, who frequent targeted areas in the region, particularly after hours
  • Provide information, ongoing case management support, crisis intervention and targeted referrals to appropriate local community support agencies for the young people
  • Reconnect young people with the general community and positive community support systems
  • Network with key services in the local community to engage them around the project’s aims and provide support through developing referral protocols and targeted resources
  • Form coalitions between youth service and community providers, the Council, local businesses and young people to address the needs of all parties across the City
  • Maintain regular communication with all stakeholders, including establishing a Consultative Committee with key stakeholders to guide the ongoing development and evaluation of the project
  • Consult with young people about their public space, and recreational/entertainment needs and ensure that they are incorporated into the management and development of public spaces and recreational activities for the region

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