Community Ownership Model

Open Family Australia created the Community Ownership Model to engage council, police and business in a municipality to address the needs of marginalised and homeless youth in their local area.  Open Family Australia believe that the community of Australia, in both its entirety and within smaller municipal boundaries, needs to accept responsibility to provide support and infrastructure to the more vulnerable in our society.  Open Family Australia is currently operating a Community Ownership Model in the Cities of Wyndham and Frankston.

It identifies where real need is, providing out of hours outreach support and linking young people back in with welfare support and youth agencies.

The inaugural model was launched in 2007, in the City of Wyndham and has had phenomenal success in assisting young people in the region.  Through Council reports and consultations with key stakeholders, this model addresses the issues and service delivery gaps identified for young people across local regions.

The model is funded through both local and state governments and local businesses and addresses the issues for young people in the respective region.

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